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While the Kwof Finishing Iron may look like a straightener, its more than just that. The iron is designed to wave, curl, and straighten hair with ease. Working in the salon seven days a week for over twenty years Paul Vaughn learned very easily the need for a new tool. The Kwof Finishing Iron is built to be the one styling tool that you will need at home.  

While consumers have become very sophisticated at blow drying their hair, most consumers have a difficult time putting the finish to their look. The problem is that most finishing tools are made for the professional at the salon and not for the consumer. The idea for the Kwof Brand is clients will now have confidence in their professional styling at home. Its very common for the client to get a crease, bump, or mark in their hair near the scalp because of the traditional design of all other straightening irons. Even worse while using curling irons the client may burn their skin trying to curl their hair. The Kwof Finishing Iron replaces all of the traditional irons available. With the kwof  Iron, creases, bumps, marks, and burns are a thing of the past.

We are confident this is the easiest tool you have ever used, whether you are a salon professional or the home consumer. The Kwof stylists are committed to remain focused as to the latest trends and styles.

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Pricilla Presley
David Arquette
Elizabeth Jagger
Randy Quaid
Jai Rodrigues and Kyan Douglas- Queer eye for the straight guy
Katie Blair Miss Teen USA

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Featured as the top stylist for 12 straight years in local magazines

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