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“Coiffure” according to The Oxford Dictionary is a way of arranging or dressing the hair.

Kwof is derived from this word; yet, Kwof Salon does more than just arrange and dress the hair.  For salon owner, Paul Vaughn, it is of the utmost importance to provide clients with high-end style.  Style that is more than a mere arrangement of one’s glorious tresses. Style in the sense of design, elegance,  and sophistication in the movement of a haircut. Style in the sense of giving to his  clients a feeling of self-confidence in their outer appearance. Style in the way he treats, informs and helps to create an ease for the client.

With that concept of style in mind, he has developed The Kwof Finishing Iron. After two years of intense development, the concept and design of this iron has come from over twenty two years of working in the industry.

The catalyst for the inspiration of this creation stems from his desire to help clients to recreate their hairstyles or coiff’s at home. Realizing that traditional styling tools were not made for the client but for the stylist, he brought forth an inventive styling tool design, the thirty degree angle iron. The feature of this thirty degree angle is that it is indeed the only styling tool available which maximizes the ability of the client to recreate the salon look with confidence at home.

Since its introduction in 2008, Kwof has shown great success in marketing this tool in beauty distribution in eleven states, home shopping network and hair shows such as America’s Beauty Show-Chicago, International Beauty Show-New York and Premiere Beauty Show-Florida. The Kwof Finishing Iron was selected for the VIP gift bags at MTV movie awards.

After initial marketing, improvements were made to the Iron to enhance its success.

We feel now is the time to launch our product in direct sales to salons and clients . Our hope is that through the endorsement of the professional stylist the Kwof Iron will find its way to consumer.

“A commitment to our styling tools, hairdressing and education will always be the focus of the Kwof Brand,” states Wiggins.

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