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The Kwof Finishing Iron

A "whole new angle" in hair styling

Create daily confidence in your professional hairstyle at home with the first styling tool designed for you the customer. Straighten, curl, wave, or texture.

Its unique 30° angle distinguishes it from any other finishing tool on the market as it is designed specifically with the client’s interest in mind. Not only does this distinctive feature allow every one of your clientele to achieve curl, texture, wave and sleek straightening styles but continues to be a retail gem in every one of its select venues. This iron is the only one of its kind in the country.

The Kwof Brand prides itself on innovative style and the education needed to successfully endorse our product. The quality of our product is at the top of its class while maintaining affordable luxury pricing. Our clientele’s needs are advancing with each season and the Kwof Finishing Iron will guarantee professional quality and the edge needed to meet your clientele’s growing needs.

Kwof Professional Finishing Iron
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