KWOF FINISHING IRON"The Kwof 30° Angle Iron is the first iron in the world engineered,designed and manufactured with the client's best interest at heart. The iron will introduce benefits both stylists and clients have never seen - yet."
30° Angle The angle of the iron and it's position to the distribution of hair from the head match perfectly, without breaking your wrist. No crimp, crease or bump occurs as the client styles their hair.
Nano Silver Technology Eliminates bacteria on the appliance, creating a germ free environment every time.
Adjustable Temperature Control Heats up to 410° in fifteen seconds. Allows control of Temperature. Advise each individual client on what's best for their hair.
Floating plates w/ Beveled Edge Ensures smoothness with zero tension. Allows the user to curl, wave, texture and straighten. Evolves your everyday iron from a straightening iron to a finishing iron.
Ceramic/Tourmaline Plates Tourmaline ions eliminate static electricity and seal the cuticle layer for hair that is smooth, shiny and silky.
Heating Element Features a unique heating element encompassing the entire plate. No cold spots on the blade. Cuts styling time in half.
Infrared Heat Infrared heat protects your hair with negative ions, sealing it's natural oils, moisture and color.

Kwof Extra Features

  • Dynamic fuse safety feature prevents the iron from overheating
  • Fire retardant outer case insures the iron body does not get too hot
  • 9 foot power cord
  • We offer and stand behind a one year warranty

$189.99 USD

Kwof Professional Finishing Iron
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